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Variant Allele Frequency (VAF) peaks for clonal CNAs

On a further inspection on the associated paper, $n_A$ and $n_B$ are the allele-specific copy numbers. And it definitely makes sense that we have 2 (diploid) for the normal component.
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A study claims that the consumption of fish increases the likelihood of getting skin cancer, does this have any relation to their omega-3 content?

Honestly spoken, I doubt the results of this study and there are a few reasons for this. To start with, we have to recognize that the authors did quite a lot of work to exclude bias and false ...
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Expected variant allele frequency of mutation present on 2 out of 3 copies of a 70% purity cancer sample

I'm sorry I did not read the article. But in the case that it is only the tumor which has the duplicated chromosomal region, I think you will have an increased contribution of the mutation relative to ...
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