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Do Osteichthyes fishes have any cartilage?

Yes, Osteichthyes do have cartilage. For example, Ancient origin of lubricated joints in bony vertebrates shows images of cartilaginous tissue in the joints of several bony fish. More generally, ...
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Cartilage regeneration

The reason that cartilage rarely is able to regenerate is that it is poorly vascularized and innervated. It doesn't have its own blood supply to deliver signaling molecules that promote regeneration ...
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How does cartilage become bone?

The process is called endochondral ossification. It is important to point out that not all bone is derived from cartilage. For example, when a bone is fractured and is healing, the new bone does not ...
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Explain why bones cannot undergo interstitial growth as cartilage does

While mature cartilage is solid, the extracellular matrix secreted by chondroblasts during cartilage formation is soft enough to allow for both cell division and tissue expansion. This is interstitial ...
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Would BMP7 introduced to a Petri dish with cartilage cause chondrocytes to replicate?

Hello and welcome Delaney Fitzpatrick. BMP7 - Bone morphogenetic protein 7 - Plays a role in cartilage homeostasis. Chondrocytes - A cell which has secreted the matrix of cartilage and become embedded ...
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Is there vascular supply to cartilage

This depends on what kind of cartilage you are examining and where it is located. Cartilage is not all the same depending on where it is located and it's intended purpose. Cartilage also generally ...
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Why is cartilage replaced by bones in a vertebrate adult?

Short answer, cartilage can't provide the same support as a bone, bone is stronger and stiffer. Sharks may be big but they have pathetically weak bites for their size and that even when they ...
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Why is cartilage replaced by bones in a vertebrate adult?

Bones are complex organs, made of more than just a structural element. Cartilage is just a tissue, usually devoid of nerves and blood vessels. Chondrichythes live in water (ἰχθύς ichthys is Greek ...
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How is cartilage immunised?

I also had this relevant problem, when I was learning about cartilage tissue. Generally, cartilage tissue has no blood supply. But it is a traversable tissue, therefore nutrients, and breathing ...
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How is yellow elastic cartilage a true cartilage?

True cartilage is something of a simplification or a misnomer, they are saying that it truly a form of cartilage and not another elastic tissue type. in fact "true cartilage" is a term coined by your ...
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