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How would one go about isolating a specific mRNA out of a pool of others?

First of all you need to figure out what your goal is: an expression vector (i.e. plasmid) which will drive expression of a gene in bacteria (let's say E.coli), and your gene's coding sequence needs ...
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How is an RT-PCR representative of the RNA contents in a cell?

It isn’t really clear exactly what the questioner is asking, but… way of thinking about this is to ask how likely is it that a low-abundance RNA will be absent from the sample taken from the ...
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Longest transcripts without isoforms

To R! Download the most comprehensive GTF file from Gencode for mouse. Do the following in R (I'll put comments in the code so you can hopefully follow along): ...
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Minimum amount of RNA for cDNA conversion and qPCR

Two answers follow: Technical experience of many: it should be no problem to have the same protocol with a twice-lower starting concentration, without making any adjustments whatsoever. The suggested ...
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