Strain and stress are two essential quantities in elasticity theory, corresponding to the deformation and the forces appearing in response to this deformation. Tension or tensile stress is a particular kind of stress appearing in elongated objects, such as ropes, filaments, etc. One could recommend any of the existing books on the elasticity theory, but ...


Short answer: multiple Ribosomes can stack on the same mRNA making multiple proteins on a single mRNA strand before it gets recycled. A single mRNA strand may be translated dozens of times or more. source source source


Well, there is some level of ambiguity here. The distinction at terminology level between "muscle satellite cells" and "muscle stem cells" is generally made by those researchers who insist/emphasize that muscle satellites are not a homogeneous population, e.g. Kuang et al., 2007 we conclude that satellite cells are a heterogeneous ...

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