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Why is my tissue sample coagulating during centrifugation? How can I prevent this?

Answering my own question: I was using plant-based food samples that were extracted at medium/low temperatures. This denatured the proteins into absorbing more water. The samples were also starch-...
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Swing bucket for PCR

For a PCR preparation, swing bucket or fixed angle does not make any differences. The only thing you want is that everything is soluble, in the same volume, and homogeneously mixed. The main ...
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Centrifuge after sonication

No, if you use only centrifugation to separate proteins from other parts of the (bacterial) cell, you need very high centrifugal forces. The actual speed (in rpm) you need to separate soluble proteins ...
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Does centrifuging and filtering supernatant confer an advantage compared to just filtering?

After having read up on this subject and successfully isolated phages from soil I can say fairly confidently that centrifugation can be skipped unless the sample is very dirty and clogs the filter. ...
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Is ribosome denser and smaller than nucleus. Also sone relations in centrifugation related to size and density

I think that the higher speeds necessary to collect ribosomes by ultracentrifugation are likely to disrupt the nucleus. See for example this extract from a well known textbook: This treatment ...
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