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Even though the DNA sequence may be 90+% similar between two species, individual amino acids can make a huge difference in the interaction between two proteins. In this case, the most relevant proteins are the coronavirus spike protein and the ACE2 enzyme expressed on the surface of target cells. Even in the limited amount of time SARS-CoV-2 has existed and ...


The issue is using the number of positive tests as a measure for the total number of active cases at a given time. At least in the U.K., the early testing capacity was much lower than it was now: Because of this, many people who were infected were not being tested and so weren't included in the total number of infections. Therefore, the total number of ...


Schools opened What happens in the beginning of September. Something that would expose a large number of people to the virus, particularly people young and healthy enough to have a low risk of death due to virus but who still have decent chance to catch the virus.

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