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If targeting a certain daily water intake, do you have to compensate for beverages that promote diuresis?

The notion that tea and coffee are diuretic and don't count in your daily waterbalance, is an urban myth. At most, both are mildly diuretic (if any). The assumption is based from an old study from ...
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Immediate cause of death due to dehydration

The simple answer is dehydration kills you by causing the blood flow to become completely ineffective. Dehydration limits the amount of water in the bloodstream causing an increase in blood viscosity,...
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Does having to urinate imply that you are becoming dehydrated?

There are two parts to answer this question. "How does my body know when to pee? Do diuretics affect that, or my hydration?" Does wanting to pee imply dehydration? In summary: Not ...
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How does the position of hydroxyl group in a nucleotide monomer affect the dehydration synthesis of nucleotides?

Wherever the hydroxyl group is; the result is the same I think. The phosphate has oxygen arranged in a tetrahedron around it. In cells the hydrogen is not attached most of the time. For example the ...
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