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Does the stomach need to start over after every bite? No. When the stomach digests food and some new food comes in, it just continues to digest the old and new food. The stomach releases small particles first and continues to crush large particles. In the stomach and small intestine, there are mechanoreceptors and receptors that detect gastric acid, amino ...


First of all, the stomach releases the digested food continuously. Simply put, during digestion the pylorus regularly opens a bit so that small food particles (< 1-2mm) are able to leave the stomach – it's not a batch process (see also this question). However, because humans tend to ingest a lot of indigestible materials (e.g. bones), there is a need to ...


LARGE MEALS AND ABSORPTION When consumed in usual amounts, the percent of absorbed macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, alcohol) should not differ significantly when coming from one large or several small meals. As an example of the composition of a single large meal, let's imagine something that fits into Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution ...


Due to presence of hydrogen ion in soda water ,H+ ion Concentration in stomach is increasing (common ion effect) it helps in digestion.

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