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Yes, it can. A mutation can potentially occur at any given moment in the cell cycle, not only in S phase, which is why revision mechanisms remain alert during the whole cycle. Such mechanisms not only make sure every important event in the cycle takes place adequately (e.g. DNA replication, chromosome segregation) but also repair any damage associated with ...


The general steps involve lysing the cells (breaking the cell membrane) in order to get a mix of nucleic acids (some of which you want), sugars, proteins, lipids, and other detritus (which you don't want). Then you separate out this mix with a series of steps of washing, spinning down with a centrifuge, and extraction. A DNA extraction kit is involved. Here'...


No need to replicate the DNA in a test tube by PCR, there are protocols out there galore to extract enough DNA from buccal swabs or from isolated white blood cells.

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