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Why can mRNA come out of the nucleus but not enter it?

Transcription Regulatory proteins are able to enter into nucleus because they posses a specific strings of amino acid sequence called Nuclear Localization Sequence. Nuclear Pore Complex don’t let ...
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Can a person have different sex at cellular level?

Every organism(sexually reproducing) starts life from a single cell zygote formed by union of sperm and ovum. Since all cells are formed by mitotic divisions and differentiation of the zygote, the ...
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qPCR precipitation

I would say, in general the answer is yes, with caveats. Firstly, remember that the optimal amplicon size for qPCR is small, so you can expect lower yields. Secondly, what is the primer concentration ...
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How many base codes are in DNA? Two or four?

This does not appear to be a question about biology but a semantic question in the realm of information technology. However, the answer is NO. First, linguistically I would never use the word “coded” ...
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How many base codes are in DNA? Two or four?

Can we say that the DNA is coded binary with two options: AT and GC? Sort of, but really in one aspect. DNA is double stranded. It is replicated by splitting the strands apart and generating two new ...
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Reverse protein biosynthesis in nature

In biological systems, the central dogma states that genetic information flows from DNA to RNA to proteins, and the reverse process, synthesizing DNA or RNA from proteins directly within cells, does ...
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