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Is complete linkage found in all four chromosomes or only Y-chromosome of Drosophila?

All chromosomes. There is no crossing over in males in Drosophila. Check out the related question Why doesn't recombination occur in male Drosophila? for sources and context.
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Accessing the recombination map of Drosophila melanogaster

Yes, the original links stopped working, apologies. I have now added a file/link in my current website with per-chromosome recombination maps in R5 and R6 coordinates. https://comeron.lab.uiowa.edu/...
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What does "count in gene set" mean?

It means the software has 4753 genes it has labeled with "biological regulation" and the short list you gave has 45 of those genes. That is a little higher than you might expect by chance if you'd ...
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What hold and inject pressure to be used in microinjection?

It depends on volume that you want to inject and the width of your needle! Try to optimize the pressure by measuring the volume that you inject in mineral oil (I use grid in the objective to measure ...
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DNase annotations of Drosophila melanogaster

I think that DNAse-seq is no longer the favored assay for chromatin accessibility. These days, I believe ATAC-seq is favored, or even single-cell variants of ATAC-seq. (links to drosophila papers) I ...
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Size ratio of Drosophila bifurca gametes and implication for the definition of sex

Relative size of gametes The relative sizes of the sperm and eggs of D. bifurca can be seen in the scanning electron micrograph below, taken from a 2006 Nature paper by Bjork and Pitnick. The left-...
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Accessing the recombination map of Drosophila melanogaster

Josep Comeron is still at the University of Iowa Biology Department, and his lab has its own website. Browsing around, I found this page on recombination rates, but no apparent way to access the data. ...
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How can I decrease the generation time of Drosophila melanogaster?

The Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center has a lot of information on Drosophila stock propagation. Their Working with Drosophila Stocks guide includes the following excerpt: The frequency with which ...
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Recombination Data Set

b+/c+ b/c b+/c b/c+ Ada ~0.39 ~0.42 ~0.08 ~0.1 Donald ~0.09 ~0.09 ~0.4 ~0.41 The other chromosome beeing b/c (I assume each one got an heterozygote fly and than they did a testcross) There are a ...
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Can citric acid be used as fungicide in banana based fly (Drosophila melanogaster) food?

There is still some dispute over the exact cause of the antimicrobial effects seen with organic acid. One of the theories is that the protonized acid crosses the cell-membrane and destroys the pH-...
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Can citric acid be used as fungicide in banana based fly (Drosophila melanogaster) food?

I have no data on the fungicidal and insecticidal properties of citric acid at various concentrations (and you may be hard pressed to find a good study on this), but I have worked in some fly labs and ...
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How to find sequencing data of a specific drosophila strain

As described in File S1 of Gutzwiller et al (2015) the relationship between the sub-strain of the ISO1 reference strain used by BDGP for the original Drosophila genome proejct, and the sub-strain in ...
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Can you freeze an ATP assay sample for later use?

Pure ATP can be stable when stored frozen but I would be worried, perhaps unjustifiably, about storing a homogenized sample. You should try dividing a homogenized sample in half and assaying one half ...
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