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Claim in article about why insects are attracted to light

They're looking for and describing proximate relationships (see e.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proximate_and_ultimate_causation). If the light isn't warm and insects still move towards it, that ...
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Identification of an insect found near the Rhine, Germany

It is the larva of a hemimetabolous insect for sure. Considering it was close to a water body I would say a nymph of some Odonata ? The legs are a bit bulky though, I might be completely wrong. These ...
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Will “ground hornets” come back to the same place after winter?

Yes, they are likely to return to the same zone and garden if it is a good habitat for them. Knowledge of them will protect you, and give you confidence that you can reclaim your garden. 1/ research ...
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