The scientific study of Insects. If the question is about some other group of arthropod use 'arthropod' tag.

Questions about the biology and identification of members of Insecta.

Insecta is a group of arthropods with the following basic characteristics:

  • body divided into head, thorax and abdomen
  • three pairs of thoracic legs.

This group includes arthropods such as Butterflies/Moths (), Flies (), Beetles (Coleopterans), Bees/ (Hymenopterans), and true bugs (Hemipterans).

  • Insects do not include Chelicerates, myriapods, or crustaceans. If any of these (or arthropods in general) are the focus of your question, please use the tag.

    • If the question is about arachnids (spiders, ticks, or mites) use tag .

Questions about pest insects can include the tag or the tag if appropriate.

  • If you are curious about or think you may have found bed bugs, please see this post

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