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Claim in article about why insects are attracted to light

They're looking for and describing proximate relationships (see e.g. If the light isn't warm and insects still move towards it, that ...
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Will “ground hornets” come back to the same place after winter?

Yes, they are likely to return to the same zone and garden if it is a good habitat for them. Knowledge of them will protect you, and give you confidence that you can reclaim your garden. 1/ research ...
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Identification of an insect found near the Rhine, Germany

It is the larva of a hemimetabolous insect for sure. Considering it was close to a water body I would say a nymph of some Odonata ? The legs are a bit bulky though, I might be completely wrong. These ...
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How could a water boatman bug get in a place with no water?

In animals some species migrate, some hibernate and some aestivate to overcome the unfavorable conditions such as desiccation. Some aquatic organisms enters into diapause during unfavorable conditions....
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