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If there is a way to: Make the replication of a common culture organism (e.g. E. coli) dependent upon the inhibitor or substrate of interest, possibly with a restrictive media. Express the enzyme of interest in a relatively controlled manner in such organism (e.g. well caracterized promoter in plasmid with well characterized copy number), Then you can get ...


Acetylcholinesterase. Chosen because the esterase seems like a low energy reaction so it wouldn't need energetic co-factors. Not sure if I should do a new answer or not.


Enzymes are catalysts that lower a reactions activation energy (Ea), and thus increases the rate of the reaction. The diagram above is a Gibbs-Free energy landscape/pathway, where the top of the diagram is the transition state between the substrate and the product. Enzymes speed up chemical reactions by stabilising the transition state, and in effect, lowers ...

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