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Are there mammalian species in which the male makes no contribution after coitus?

Narrowly speaking, the answer to your question is "yes, most of them". West and Capellini (2016) analyze a data set comprising 529 mammalian species, of which only 65 have any form of male ...
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Are there any eusocial swarms which act prosocially?

Argentine ants. Global "mega-colony": The absence of aggression within Argentine ant colonies was first reported in 1913 by Newell & Barber,...
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Did mammals evolve from something with eusociality?

No. The only truly eusocial mammals are Heterocephalus glaber (the naked mole-rat) and Fukomys damarensis (the damaraland blesmol). Eusociality doesn't just involve an individual sacrificing their ...
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