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Why do fruits have to ripen?

All fruits, fleshy or not, have a dual purpose: First, they protect and safeguard the developing seeds as they grow, then once the seeds are mature, the fruit then aids in the dispersal of said seeds ...
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Is there more biomass on earth today than there was in the past?

It is both more and less than at other times in the past. You can research biomass assessment from the carboniferous and other notable times:
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Why are there no wheeled animals?

Arguments against a wheeled organism mention problems with lubrication, maintenance and control. There is a way to solve these issues. For example: The wheel itself is not living tissue. Many ...
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Interpretation of narrow-sense heritability over one (using R/S = h^2)

From this paper discussing the pitfalls of using the breeder's equation: The breeder's equation provides a useful framework for conceptualizing the process of adaptive evolution by natural selection: ...
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If you want to understand evolution from a genetics standpoint what are some must reads be it books or textbooks?

For a historical perspective and summary, see here. For a textbook that works through the math from a very simple foundation, see here. (Felsenstein, J. Theoretical Evolutionary Genetics, 2019).
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