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What is the deepest living underground organism?

Have any deeper living organisms ever been found? In 2021, researchers recovered microbial cells and DNA from rocks retrieved from a depth of 4,850 m below the surface.1 The New Scientist covered ...
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Is infrared photosynthesis possible?

There is an algea that uses IR: The newfound pigment, dubbed chlorophyll f, absorbs light most efficiently at a wavelength around 706 nanometers, just beyond the red end of the visible spectrum, ...
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Could biofilms float and survive in the sulfuric acid clouds of Venus?

I have pondered life on Venus. I think the biggest problem would be lack of free water. The atmosphere is thick and under high pressure, and polar CO2 and H2SO4 like to bind with water. There is no ...
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Can tardigrades survive being eaten?

In there natural state no, tartigrade have absolutely no way to survive the acidic content of stomachs and are fragile. In their cryptobiosed form (extremely resilient form) there has been no ...
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How close to Earth's core can organisms live?

There's a lot we don't know about life in deep caves, but we can bound the deepest living organism to at least 3.5 kilometers down, and probably not more than 30 kilometers down. The worms recovered ...
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Is infrared photosynthesis possible?

Photosynthetic bacteria can use infrared light down to 1050 nm (Blastochloris) for photosynthesis. Oxygenic photosynthesis seems to have limit at about 750 nm. I think there are organisms that can use ...
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Are polyploidal organisms parasatized by selfish genes? And if not, why not?

In short, being haploid or polyploid should not protect you from Selfish Genetic Elements (SGES). Almost all eukaryotes are polyploid. Plants are the oft-cited example. Wheat, I believe, is hexaploid ...
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