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Restaurateur Lince Rengkuan is correct - once the bat meat is cooked the coronavirus will die, and the meat is safe to consume. The Indonesian government isn't imposing restrictions for biological reasons, but for other reasons; these other reasons are out of scope of this SE.


I would classify the neurological phenomenon of "taste" or "tastyness" as an emergent property (1), and therefore synergistic (i.e. not adequately explained simply by additive effects). For example, when something "tastes like chicken" that's a synergistic sensory pattern in your brain involving the specific ratios of the 5 basic tastes(2) on your tongue, ...


Any sealed container can become anaerobic relatively quickly if there are oxygen consuming organisms inside (which there probably are if it's not sterilized). So, growth of anaerobes should always be a concern when using a sealed container for food storage, and proper temperatures for such storage should be considered. A container like the one you describe ...

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