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What makes cherry blossoms so delicious? Does this delicious molecule (or molecules) have some function in the blossom? Does saliva activate it?

There actually is a study in the Nature magazine identifying the volatile (in the sense that they easily evaporate, as most aromatic substances do) organic compounds in cherry flower essential oils (...
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What is the nature of seedless fruits?

Seedless fruits are the result of a biological process called parthenocarpy – the development of a fruit without prior fertilization. Seedless plants are not common, but they do exist naturally or can ...
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Anatomy of mature juice vesicles in hesperidium fruit?

I'd suggest taking a look at this paper linked through the wikipedia page. It has a variety of information about the structure and distribution of juice vesicles across different types of fruit e.g.: ...
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Why is coconut a fleshy fruit?

The drupe definition from other answers is correct: it is a fruit with a fleshy outer part (exocarp and mesocarp), and a single hard endocarp. A drupe does not split open on its own (it is indehiscent)...
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