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What is the best way to learn about gene regulation?

I would not learn from the primary literature, the terminology will likely be confusing and there will be a tendency to conflate whatever the current methods are with the concepts. I'd suggest going ...
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What is the meaning of NF-kB (transcription factor) "activity"?

The word activity has at least two meanings in biochemistry. One is chemical activity as in the effective concentration of a chemical. This comes up a lot because biomolecules often behave non-ideally....
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How to choose a method for upregulating an endogenous protein?

This is one of those questions that needs to be determined empirically, as it is highly dependent on the protein in question. For any one system, the best method to use needs to be determined by trial ...
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Protein half-life regulating gene expression

Many processes are mediated by (usually active or catalyzed) degradation of proteins. For example, cyclin proteins are degraded by the ubiquitin pathway as part of the cell cycle, allowing the cell ...
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