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Plant growing inside a fruit

That is a papaya seed showing vivipary, or premature sprouting. The plant is getting all the sugar it needs from the nutrients stored in the seed so it does not photosynthesize. If it were to run out, ...
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Do de-husked seeds germinate?

De-husking and industrial storage reduces the germ's longevity quite a lot, although quite a lot of germs will still be viable if the humidity and microbial conditions are very stable, perhaps even a ...
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What is an example of a plant species that is a halophyte with seeds that germinate quickly?

It turns out that your research question about halophytes has been asked many times before. You should learn from your predecessors... Seed germination in halophytes displays a high degree of inter- ...
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Can germs spread by tissues out of box?

This definitely possible. Due to the microscopic scale of bacteria and viruses, even very light forces(like those from pulling a tissue out of the box) will lead to those bacteria and/or viruses being ...
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White oak germination in autumn — Leaves or just roots?

Nice that you started observing so early, so I can complete this here while learning something. I usually only get aware of the new oaks when stem and leaves are sprouting in the lawn, and, yes, that'...
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What is the best way to stack parafilm wrapped petri dishes?

I ended up getting the 6"x6" wax paper for hamburger meat and putting a sheet between stacked and wrapped petri dishes which prevented them from sticking to each other. Their footprint is ...
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How should lentil roots grow in a microgravity system?

It sounds like your first issue is with seed germination. I am assuming you are doing a seed sterilization. You may want to try allowing them to imbibe water for about an hour after the sterilization ...
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Previously frozen papaya seeds sprouted. How will it affect the plants?

Seeds are generally made in order to stand dry/cold conditions. I don't see any reason to believe that the DNA got damaged during freezing (that could cause mutation and phenotypic changes). So, if ...
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Plant a whole fruit or only seeds?

I'm not aware of any plants where the fruit provisions energy to the developing embryo. Generally this type of energy and nutrient storage would be done within the seed. Think of an avocado: both the ...
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