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What is the deepest living underground organism?

Have any deeper living organisms ever been found? In 2021, researchers recovered microbial cells and DNA from rocks retrieved from a depth of 4,850 m below the surface.1 The New Scientist covered ...
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Do hornets return to the same nest after winter each year?

If fail to get rid of the hornets this fall, will they return to the same nest next year (or overwinter and continue to live there)? No. The nest, likely made of wood pulp (and maybe mud), will/...
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Which animal dug this 5 cm diameter hole deep into mud and build a large mound around it?

A crustacean (land crayfish). There are a lot to choose from.
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Source for Specific Models of Birds' Habitat Suitability

A quick google reveals several databases of bird habitats, which appear to be at least somewhat more recent. I believe that the one closest to what you describe is here (there may not be a single ...
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Why are there few quail any more in the Northeast of the US?

Work in the early 1990s ( ( suggests development (curtailing ...
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Unidentified Spider

This is Cheiracanthium sp. with common name "Yellow Sac Spider." It is very common in North American homes, distinctly identifiable by having a homogenous colour that is almost an ...
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Are PVC&PET bacteria found inside homes?

If you read the Wikipedia article carefully, and the recent article in PNAS on improving the enzymes responsible for TET degradation, it is evident that Ideonella sakaiensis is the only example so far ...
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Does a bird nest out of its breeding range?

An all-year range for a bird species is obviously a range where a population exists year round, and since birds generally breed each year, there will be individuals of the species breeding within this ...
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Is it possible to guide animals to a new breeding ground?

The problem that you mention deals primarily with habitat fragmentation, which has a great impact on species conservation. A fragmented habitat will impair migration and can result in inbreeding ...
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Does the process of photosynthesis occur in insectivorous plants?

"Carnivorous plants are plants that derive some or most of their nutrients (but not energy) from trapping and consuming animals or protozoans, typically insects and other arthropods. Carnivorous ...
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Preferred criteria for new bee colony location

According to Thomas Seeley, in his book, Honeybee Democracy, he gives the following as important criteria for honeybees when selecting a nest site when a bee colony moves to swarm: Larger volume (the ...
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