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I would go with my gut instinct of enzymes, because PGAL is also an enzyme, so if there is a Nitrogen deficiency, I don't think PGAL would be the only thing that is effected in the entire system, I would think that many critical enzymes in this process would be disturbed and become affected. Also maybe read this paper:


Your reasoning is sound and correct. The answer key is wrong. An unclotted blood sample needs something to prevent clotting. Extracellular calcium is required for both the coagulation cascade and platelet activation. It even has its own name in this context, Factor IV. This why EDTA, a calcium chelator, is used in some blood collection tubes to delay ...


If that is the case, why would C4 plants make PEPcarboxylase the primary acceptor instead of RuBisCO? Since it is not so, C4 plants were forced to take this alternative and make RuBisCO confined only to the bundle sheath cells. The problem in C3 was photorespiration, since oxygen used to competitively inhibit the uptake of carbon dioxide by RuBisCO. Hence it ...

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