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Pasteurization and Bioavailability of Antioxidants in Beet Juice

If we read the previous statement, we can note two things. Firstly the percentage they mention are not in the quoted material at all. And secondly that the quoted material does not suggest degradation ...
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What is the oxygen concentration in the lumen of the small intestine?

From a recent review by Konjar et al. (2021), see Figure 2 and associated text: There is also a steep decrease in oxygen longitudinally from the small intestine towards the colon. Longitudinally—...
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Can We Determine the Cell Types Ab initio?

No. Cell types are identified by differential gene expression. Every cell has (effectively) the same genome, but different expression patterns give you different functions. You could attempt to ...
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How does human life expectancy change with age?

I read a paper once - but have not been able to find it since - that said that every (age) milestone in our life extends our life expectancy statistically and biologically. General life expectancy ...
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Can one die from pain?

The evolutionary functional answer here is probably not right. 'Expecting biology to behave a certain way is not a safe bet!' Its a common misconception that all living things are designed to endure ...
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