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I agree with the two previous posts, but they are a bit light on references / evidence, so I thought I'd throw my two cents in. The answer it seems is most likely no. As others have alluded to, in order to 'breed' a Neanderthal selectively from modern humans, it would need to be the cases that the entire ~3.1Gb of the Neanderthal genome would need to be ...


A normal singleton child is a result of the fertilization of an ovum (with 23 chromosomes) by a sperm (with 23 chromosomes). After fertilization, the cell (with 46 chromosomes) is called a zygote. All normal human cells (other than ova and sperm) have 46 chromosomes. Monozygotic twins (identical twins) occur when the set of cells resulting from the early ...


what is ancestry? I think some of the confusion in ancestry proportions stems from the fact that 'ancestry' can really mean several different things in different contexts. I would really encourage people to read this short piece, as it does a good job of clarifying what the different terms mean


If a SNP is present in a child it is also present in at least one of the parents (except for de novo mutations which are fairly rare). So just check which parent has which polymorphism. For a question like that you would write a script yourself to check that.

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