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Male and female seahorses: which is which

Seahorses are fish. Most fishes use external fertilization to reproduce (there are certainly exceptions, though), so there's not really any aspect of "giving birth" to sex definitions (that'...
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Why can't fish extract oxygen from air?

From the Wikipedia page on gills that you link: The density of the water prevents the gills from collapsing and lying on top of each other, which is what happens when a fish is taken out of water ...
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Why can't fish extract oxygen from air?

Fish can't exchange gas efficiently in air with their gills. However, many more fish can breath air than people often think, even those you wouldn't normally think of as "air breathing", ...
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How often do birds steal from fish traps?

Since kleptoparasitism, that is, stealing food from other entities that have procured that food earlier for themselves, is a widespread strategy in animals, it is no surprise that birds also engage in ...
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