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Correlation brain size and muscle volume

I like the muscle_fiber/more_neuronal_mass theory. It makes a lot of sense having a better networked neural structure if you have more efferent processes to look at (in the form of more muscle fiber ...
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Do cells know or imagine how each part of the DNA influences body structure and function? How else would evolution happen in specific ways?

The short answer, is that there is no current knowledge of any coding or intelligence outside the DNA. The long answer (see chat) is that some scientists speculate on cellular intelligence and the ...
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Measures of animal intelligence

There is no easy way to quantify intelligence because it's poorly defined. I would suggest narrowing your focus on measurable behaviour as a proxy for intelligence, and looking at the many behavioral ...
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Measures of animal intelligence

EQ or EZ can be helpful with several qualifiers. you should account for differences among groups, birds for instance have smaller brains than mammals for what most would consider similar intelligence,...
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Measures of animal intelligence

There isn't really a good answer, since we don't have a singular quantifiable measure of intelligence for humans, let alone other species. Any human measures of intelligence might not apply properly ...
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