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Can a hinge joint technically allow rotatory motion?

It is about the movement of the bone along its major axis of movement. A hinge joint moves like a lever while a pivot joint involves rotation side to side like an axle. It helps if you look at a ...
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How correlated are the lengths of tendons in different part of a human body?

I couldn't find studies analysing clearly enough tendons size, but a couple of sources show that they are probably correlated: One study found correlation between dimensions of Achilles'tendon and ...
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How can a joint extend or flex?

Short Answer The words extension and flexion actually mean to increase or decrease the angle of a joint, respectively. In other words, the terms are directly related to the joints themselves. Bones ...
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What is the linear force in a bicep compared to the force at the hand?

My answer is in the context of my comments posted under the main question. I tried scaling up forces throughout the muscle. I probably flubbed one or more things, so check my math and suggest fixes!! ...
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If the human atlanto-axial joint is pivotal only, what accounts for the craniums additional degrees of freedom?

The additional degrees of freedom are provided by the entire cervical spine, rather than the atlantoaxial joint alone, which is the joint between C1 and C2. What you're describing as roll (when you ...
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Anatomy of joints of human hand

The intermediate radio-ulnar joint is fibrous in arms. [Source:] You can see the the interosseus membrane between radius and ulna which is composed of white collagen fibres. ...
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Why do we have only one elbow per arm and one knee per leg, not multiple elbows or knees?

The simple answer is: our ancestors did our ancestors ancestors, and so on. We are not optimally designed, but rather, we take what our ancestors give us, and work with that. The horses for ...
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