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Reference request for the evolution of faces

If what you are interested in is really the evolution of heads (which I think imply faces), then cephalization is what you are looking for. Namely, when bilaterally symmetric organisms colocalize ...
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Largest crinoid species

Probably 40ft not 40m Without a species name any claim like this is dubious. The wiki quote is not from a primary source but a fluff book which makes it even more questionable. Unfortunately you are ...
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convert bright field images to phase contrast or dic microscopy images (one of those three to any of those three)

I highly doubt it; those are imaging techniques that result from the way light interacts with an object. Faking it wouldn't be useful in the context of science as conversion won't tell you anything ...
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Reading list to understand the theory of mycelium based materials for beginners

As one of the early investors in the field of mycelium based materials, I can give a brief answer. Mycelia are the underground cellular network of some fungi and bacteria. Under some conditions they ...
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Is there a comprehensive Taxonomical ID database?

The NCBI Taxonomy database is probably a good place to start. You can look at their taxonomy ID resources and their FTP (linked therein) which includes large datasets. They also link out to a number ...
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