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Do large animals experience a meaningful delay when moving their most distant appendages?

Yes, larger animals do experience larger delays in movement. There have been studies of size difference vs sensorimotor delays in terrestrial mammals, ...
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Are viruses self-propelled?

The existing answers are correct. However, there is now one example of a self-propelled† virus. Herpesviruses assimilate kinesin to produce motorized viral particles Here, using herpes simplex virus ...
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What are the differences in ultrastructure of cilia and flagella?

Eukaryotic cilia and flagella are identical in ultrastructure. The only reason for two different terms for the same thing is historical usage. Traditionally, 'cilia' has been used for shorter, more ...
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How would an animal with legs longer than its torso perform?

Short answer: creatures with such morphology and features (except for hunting humans and climbing very well) already exist, and yes, it's the Giraffes. You see: Giraffes are actually quite fast, they ...
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How are large snails able to climb trees?

The foot of the snail secretes a sticky mucus which allows the snail to climb even the smoothest surfaces. The mucus have two states: one in which it is almost liquid to lubricate motion, and the ...
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Are viruses self-propelled?

The term self-propelled requires some finer qualification in the case of bacteriophages. Although bacteriophages are generally carried via Brownian motion, as described in the other answers, in some ...
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Are viruses self-propelled?

Viruses move by Brownian motion 1 The definition of temperature is there are an average of about 2 calories (little c) (= 8.3 J) per kelvin, mole, and degree of freedom. 2 Multiply that by 1 mole/6....
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Why must bacteria outrun diffusion?

Because then it wouldn't be going anywhere, and the first part of the sentence is specifically about traveling. Without more context that might make me wrong, I think the statement is intentionally ...
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Is there any small animal that can jump over a meter high/long?

no animal smaller than 5 cm can jump higher than 1 meter. grasshoppers and locusts have wings which supposedly disqualifies them.
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Anatomy of joints of human hand

The intermediate radio-ulnar joint is fibrous in arms. [Source:] You can see the the interosseus membrane between radius and ulna which is composed of white collagen fibres. ...
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Best tail for swimming?

For lift-to-drag ratio (so, hydrodynamic efficiency), high aspect ratio semi-lunate tails are most efficient-- leading edge suction is implicated in their ability to produce lift (which provides the ...
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