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On Genecards it is mentioned that the GULO pseudo gene being expressed in humans in many major tissues. In that case the gene might be active although not encoding for a functional enzyme.


The best article I found was this one. In it it says among other things that: Kanzi, an unusually intelligent Bonobo chimp trained at Georgia State University, was remarkable in that he learned to use around 200 symbols on a portable electronic symbol board, a computer with buttons in the shape of absolute arbitrary symbols rather than manual signs. ...


I think you are confused about what erect limbs means, monotremes have erect hindlimbs. Erect is not the same as pillar erect (which is exceedingly rare) Just because a limb is bent or a joint can rotate does not mean it is not an erect limb. More importantly terms like semi-erect don't actually mean much, it is a weak gradation not discrete categories. ...

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