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Are animal whiskers a useful monitoring tool?

I expect that vibrissae growth rate would depend on the species, the type of vibrissae, time of year, etc. One paper that comes to mind is Zhao & Schell 2004, which estimated growth patterns of ...
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What's the best sign language to teach a dolphin?

In terms of training dolphins, it doesn't matter that they can't replicate a hand signal - just that they can learn to associate that visual stimuli with a behaviour. For communicating with dolphins, ...
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Do animals like Seals feel cold on their skin?

Humans (and other animals) do not feel temperature; when we “feel cold” we actually sense that our body starts to lose heat (we feel the heat transfer). Pinnipeds, notably phocid seals (True seals or ...
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Why is the sex ratio of male and female cats close to 50/50 (with males actually being more prevalent)?

Don't forget that while species evolve, it is individuals that are acted on by selection. Individuals that are successful cause more of their genetic material to be present in the next generation. ...
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Which mammal produces the most milk?

In animals, such as the blue whale, that fast during lactation, nutrients are mobilized from tissues (maternal reserves). Supply is mainly limited to body fat; thus, total available supply is ...
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