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The gut microbiome is partly to blame, at least for the associations of red meat consumption with heart disease. Red meat has a high concentration of L-carnitine, which is metabolized by bacteria in the gut to produce trimethylamine, which is further metabolized by FMO3 in the liver to produce trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO). High blood levels of TMAO are ...


First, you are misapplying Bernoulli's law. At each point, Bernoulli's law says that $$\text{constant}=P+\frac{\rho v^2}{2}$$ But remember, that constant is not constant in time for unsteady flows; it is constant in space. To make use of Bernoulli's law, we should consider two different points in the fluid flow. I will call the one closer to the aorta &...


As far as we know so far, biology isn't able to break any laws of physics. However, biology isn't passive: biological systems react to changing environments to maintain some level of homeostasis. Arguably this is one of the defining characteristics of life. If you narrow the aorta, you will always get compensatory changes. Ultimately, the circulatory system ...


Yes, there are some conditions not affected, for example, cancer. Cancer cannot be affected by stress and stress cannot increase the risk of getting cancer either. this information can be found at the beginning of this article:

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