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Where in the cochlea are frequencies below 200 Hz detected?

The answer is two fold, each related to the two ways pitch is encoded in the inner ear. These two mechanisms are place coding and rate coding. Regarding place-pitch; given that there are hair cells ...
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Where in the cochlea are frequencies below 200 Hz detected?

A figure like this is likely representing the best frequency for hair cells. In actuality, cells respond to a broad range of frequencies. Perceptual specificity comes thanks to lateral inhibition. ...
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Why is iron transported across membranes in the ferrous form?

This is not my subject, but from scanning the introductions to a couple of reviews on the general topic of iron metabolism, the following factors seem to be important: Ferric iron is less soluble ...
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Does this explanation hold good even in case of Mitotracker red?

No, the Mitotracker probes accumulate in active mitochondria, not in ones that are dysfunctional, as mentioned in the product page from Cell Signalling Technologies (emphasis mine): ...with ...
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