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Do cells know or imagine how each part of the DNA influences body structure and function? How else would evolution happen in specific ways?

The short answer, is that there is no current knowledge of any coding or intelligence outside the DNA. The long answer (see chat) is that some scientists speculate on cellular intelligence and the ...
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How can (or did) Deinococcus radiodurans continue to evolve after developing resistance to mutation?

Yeah, no. "Conan the Bacterium", as people like to call it, is not resistant to mutations. When a cell is exposed to large doses of high-energy radiation, one consequence is that its DNA ...
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Does the Miller-Urey experiment explain the origin of life?

Answers gets more precise but conclusions are far stretched. Going from amino acids to proteins or peptides (small proteins) is an unsolved problem. In water where they are supposed to be stored, they ...
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Why are venomous mammals and birds so rare in comparison to reptiles and fish?

Short Answer See Why do some bad traits evolve, and good ones don't? Evolution of venom is complicated and full of convergent events. Our awareness and perception of venom production is biased ...
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