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How does a neuron change its function, without changing its synaptic connections?

The keywords are Synaptic plasticity, LTP, LTD, and STDP, among others. The organelles includes release pools, receptors, scaffold proteins, etc. Actually there is a huge body of literature around ...
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Ischemia-induced deploarization in excitable cells

Inward-rectifying means positive current passes more easily in the inward direction, however it won't flow differently than the membrane voltage and reversal potential dictate. See for example https://...
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How does hypokalemia antagonize lidocaine's effect?

The following is a suggested answer only -- and is NOT intended to be authoritative; since it is not clear from the literature on Lidocaine why its efficacy is reduced in hypokalemia. While it is true ...
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Abnormally fast nerve conduction

Action potential amplitude decays between nodes of Ranvier, which is why they exist and are spaced the way they are: to boost the signal at appropriate intervals. Demyelinating disorders reduce the ...
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