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The muscle responsible for being able to raise both eyebrows is one and the same (m. occipitofrontalis). You can not raise one eyebrow because the whole muscle is connected to both eyes. It is possible that one side is not connected or less connected but that's usually not the case and such a person would not be able to raise both eyebrows at will. What ...


Restarting electrical activity would mean that at least parts of the brain become active again and possibly restoration of almost all cognitive functions. While this would be a tremendous scientific and medical break-through, it would also mean that effectively locked-in syndrome would have been induced for these pig brains. Therefore just attempting to ...


I think there might be some missing context here leading to confusion of which muscles are being referred to in that passage. During exercise, blood flow increases in active muscle due to local vasodilation. Cardiac output also increases, which ensures that total blood flow in the body is sufficient to meet the increased demand. At higher levels of ...

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