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During development of the brain neurons undergo several steps of differentiation. They transition from neuronal progenitors to mature neurons, resulting in different types of neurons, characterized most prominently by their primary neurotransmitter. During the differentiation, different genes are expressed, which in research is used to label specific cell ...


Depends highly on the amount of steam in the room. Most if the heat energy does not come from the air, but from the steam that is condensing on your skin. I can tell from my own experience that I regularly spend 20-30 minutes in 80c sauna while pouring more water to the stove every few minutes without getting too uncomfortable (as long as I have water to ...


Barden et al (2017) have discovered an extinct species of ant (hell ant) that was alive 95 million years ago that had naturally occurring metal mandibles. Mandibles on ants are essentially the same as fangs on spiders or teeth on humans.

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