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Limitations of the Self-Incompatibility Mechanism in Plants

Herrera, Sara et al. 2018 suggest that there are at least 33 S-alleles in apricot. I believe some species of Brassica have at least 60 S-alleles identified. However, there are dominance ...
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Why do pollen grains tend to remain in the 2 celled stage in most angiosperms?

Since, the topic itself is under research i would refrain from making bold assumptions but my hypothesis (based on evolutionary benefit; extra nutrient availability in pistil) is plausible enough and ...
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Are self pollinated plants genetically different?

Yes, it does. In Meiosis there is genetic recombination (by recombinase) in the Meiosis-1. So even though it is self pollination, there is significant genetic variation. Still for higher degree of ...
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Why are monarch butterflies attracted to particular flowers but not others?

It's the Monarch caterpillars that only feed on milkweed. Adult Monarchs, like many butterflies, feed on the nectar from flowers.
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Is dandelion a sporophyte or gametophyte?

Dandelions are sporothytes. In Wikipedia you can read (Alternation of generations): "In the spermatophytes, the seed plants, the sporophyte is the dominant multicellular phase; the gametophytes ...
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