If you scroll down through the uniprot entry you will come to a section with the heading PTM/Processing. From this you can see that the first 18 amino acids are a signal peptide. You can learn more about signal peptides from any good introductory textbook covering cell-biology — alternatively Khan Academy is a good source for learning the basics.


If you have ever used a natural bath sponge, you know that the structure of a sponge's spongin skeleton is great for absorbing water and squeezing that water back out. The sponge's skeleton contains millions of tiny holes, all connected in a massive network of internal tunnels, through which the sponge takes in food and eliminates waste. It feeds by use of ...


much like cellulose, chitin strands are bonded to other strands by hydrogen bonds. here is a slide share with a breakdown of the structure. It is crosslinked in the sense strands are linked to other strands in such a way that most enzymes cannot access it to break it down. this is the same thing that makes wood last untreated. In a strictly chemistry sense ...

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