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Is there logic in this sentence? "Authors discovered a gene as one of the genes evolved through natural selection"

Yes, the statement in the news article is not correct; however, it (probably accidentally) isn't quite as nonsensical as it sounds. The actual paper that the news article is trying to describe is ...
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Animal models to study depression

TL:DR: A simple question doesn't usually have a simple answer in science. To a great extent, the answer to your question depends on what, exactly, you mean by non-invasive. Please know that it is ...
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How to interpret this statement on missing heritability

Missing heritability refers to the fact that while we make heritability estimates using e.g. midparent regression, we can't actually find gene variants whose effects we can add up to the amount of ...
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Bipolar disorder genetics

Does one need to have all the genes for bipolar disorder in order to have the disease? No. In genome-wide association studies (GWAS) of psychiatric conditions, it is a constant finding that the ...
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What are ECT parameters?

Peterchev et al. (2010) reports The current amplitude is [... ] held fixed at the device maximum (e.g., 800 mA or 900 mA)... and that [constant-voltage devices are] now obsolete The total ...
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