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Prelude: Thinking about protein synthesis I remember the time when there were only two sites on the ribosome, and when it became clear there were more, I resented the need to make my lecture notes and my contribution to a venerable text book more complicated. So I am neither a devotee nor an expert on the exit site, but if asked to guess who was right (even ...


No. According to page 369 of the 9th edition of Biochemistry by Campbell: "The structure of the eukaryotic ribosome is different in that there is no E site, only the A and P sites."


Disclaimer It is not clear to me that requests for references are on-topic here. In general I would think not, as they are subjective and not about biology per se. I therefore solicit neither votes for, or acceptance of, this answer. I would have used the comment area to provide references, but there isn’t really enough space, so I decided to flesh it out ...

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