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Ribosomes producing proteins, but need proteins to be produced?

Ribosomes are the only means we know by which cells produce proteins. Consequently, all proteins are made by a ribosome, including the proteins that then become part of a new ribosome. It's never a ...
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16s rRNA Sequencing From Gut Microbiome (stool)

In general, you extract DNA, then PCR out the 16rRNA coding regions and finally sequence them. Here some links http://journals....
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what is the princlple of using DMS (Dimethylsulphate) for structural analysis of rRNA?

Here is a good explanation of the theory and chemistry behind DMS footprinting, from chapter 11 of Probing RNA structure within living cells : In vivo chemical probing assay using dimethyl sulfate (...
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Where can I obtain the sequence of the E. coli ribosomal RNA precursor?

Generally most organisms have multiple copies of the genes/regions coding for ribosomal RNA (since it's needed quite a lot). Additionally these regions can be repetitive or otherwise similar to ...
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16S rRNA and 5S rRNA datasets

RNA STRAND v2.0 - The RNA secondary STRucture and statistical ANalysis Database 16S rRNA: secondary structure file in ct format
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How is 16s rRNA used to identify unknown bacteria?

It is not conserved, its sequence is not the same in all bacteria. Indeed, it has a slow rate of evolution (mutation) that make it perfect to build phylogenetic trees. As correctly suggested by David ...
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16S sequencing: pooled or individual samples?

Ultimately, it depends on what insights you are trying to glean from your sequencing data, but from a purely scientific perspective, there's almost never a reason to pool samples in the the way you ...
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