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What's the best sign language to teach a dolphin?

In terms of training dolphins, it doesn't matter that they can't replicate a hand signal - just that they can learn to associate that visual stimuli with a behaviour. For communicating with dolphins, ...
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Turning off the IP3 cascade

IP3 is indeed degraded, this is done by a specific phosphatase which is called "Phosphoinositide 5-phosphatase (INPP5A)". It catalyzes the reaction in the following way: 1-phosphatidyl-1D-...
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Does anyone know of any resources that detail an extensive number of receptor types, their effects, and signalling pathways?

From the comment section: The IUPHAR database is one of the most extensive database for receptors and ligands. It also contains a lot of additional information and direct references to the literature....
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Has human intelligence evolved as a costly male signal?

No Think of it this way, what would you actually expect to see if this hypothesis was true? Do humans actually show significant differences in relative brain size between sexes, like horn development ...
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Has human intelligence evolved as a costly male signal?

"has human intelligence evolved as a costly male signal which has, over time, been passed to females too, but whom are just not as interested to use it to attract mates?" (I am ignoring that last ...
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