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What kind of plant is this? (looks like periwinkle)

You're correct, it's periwinkle. Common periwinkle is a low-growing mat-forming, vine-like perennial nonwoody plant with green, shiny, smooth stems that are woody at the base. It spreads by ...
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Yellow dandelion-like flowers emerging from beach in early spring

Not certain, but it looks pretty well like it could be Tussilago farfara (colt's foot or coltsfoot). It's a common invasive plant in your area. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tussilago https://www.fs....
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Is this snake hazardous around children?

This appears to be a northern water snake. TN.gov Nonvenomous. Not dangerous if left alone, From tn.gov: When threatened Northern Watersnakes will make a silent retreat, but are aggressive when ...
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