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What is this insect (possibly a cockroach)?

The bug pictured is not an Oriental coachroach but a female Uhler's Wood Cockroach (Parcoblatta uhleriana). And according to wikipedia: Parcoblatta uhleriana, the Uhler's wood cockroach, is a species ...
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Species Identification - Blue multi-segment arthropod

This appears to be a larva of some species of notched-mouth ground beetle (Dicaelus spp.). Source:; copyright 2008 Cotinis Notable characteristics: blue coloration + orange head ...
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Ontario plant with 3-5 leaflets per compound leaf

This appears to be Aralia nudicaulus, wild sarsaparilla. It has a main stem that branches in three, with compound leaves with 3-5 (7) serrate leaflets. It occurs in your area. From Wildflowers of ...
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