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Can stomach acid destroy a virus?

Study on MERS coronavirus and HCoV-229E: "rapidly lost most of the infectivity in fasted-state simulated gastric fluid (FaSSGF; pH 2.0)" but "survived FeSSGF" (fed state, which is less acidic). See ...
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Do humans produce rennin?

Scanning various reviews it seems that everyone who mentions the possibility of a human chymosin refers to a single paper. So for example this 2014 review has a single reference to a human chymosin: ...
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Can you eat enough to make your stomach explode?

Here's a simple cross-section of the stomach (from here): The stomach accomplishes much of its function by mechanically breaking down the swallowed food particles and mixing them with acid and ...
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In which organs is water that we drink absorbed into the blood?

Role of the stomach in water absorption: The absorption of much of the ingested water from a hypotonic food already starts in the stomach due to osmotic reasons. If we study the mechanism of secretion ...
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Do humans produce rennin?

I think the answer is really that is isn't clear, though I only searched a bit and found mostly old papers. It seems like people have found immunoreactivity to anti-rennin antibodies in human infants,...
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Does an "empty stomach" have acid in it?

When an individual is fasting, acid secretion is inhibited by somatostatin from gastric D cells (some helpful stomach acid secretion scientific papers, and an article on stomach acid regulation). This ...
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Why can we eat salty food, but can't stomach salty water?

Seawater is many times more salty than the "pinch" of salt that is often recommended to add to cooked dishes. According to the USGS the concentration of salt in seawater (salinity) is about ...
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How does the stomach handle continuous eating?

First of all, the stomach releases the digested food continuously. Simply put, during digestion the pylorus regularly opens a bit so that small food particles (< 1-2mm) are able to leave the ...
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Carbohydrates in acidic stomach

As for the digestion of fats there are two digestive enzymes active in the stomach: Lingual lipase (produced with saliva) Gastric lipase (produced in the stomach chief cells) Both have activity ...
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What is the function of E. coli bacteria in the human gut?

Some relevant research has been published in the time since this question was asked and initially answered. The label "commensal E. coli" encompasses a diverse group of strains. Different ...
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Fasting gastric pH versus normal gastric pH

The stomach linings generally secrete gastric acid (HCl, KCl and NaCl) and the native pH of the stomach is around 2. The longer you fast, gastric acid levels keep increasing until it reaches around 1-...
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RE: Fasting gastric pH vs Normal gastric pH

Food only partially buffers the pH of stomach contents and acid is not the only esophageal irritant present in the stomach. The goal, therefore, is to have as little as possible present in the ...
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How does the stomach handle continuous eating?

Does the stomach need to start over after every bite? No. When the stomach digests food and some new food comes in, it just continues to digest the old and new food. The stomach releases small ...
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If humans had cellulase would they be able to digest grass?

No. Even for an herbivore, digesting grass, or plants to be more general, is hard, because they contain cellulose. Herbivores have different parts of a stomach, whereas humans only have one ...
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Carbohydrates in acidic stomach

People who have no stomach acid because of medicine or surgery still digest their foods. Otherwise you would predict incomplete digestion / weight loss / diarrhea would be a consequent of stomach ...
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Why does too much candy cause nausea?

There can be many reasons about why too much candy (chocolate) can cause nausea. Lets talk about them one by one. Hyperglycemia - chocolate contains sugar, and too much sugar consumption can cause ...
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Do the enzymes and compounds in saliva help with stain removal?

I've been spitting on anything red ( of biological origin (blood, wine, ketchup) for decades and seeing the stains dissolve and disappear like magic. Spit on it generously, let it soak for a few ...
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