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Do right-handed helices bind to right-handed helices, and vice versa?

My understanding is that protein and DNA helices show the handedness that they do due largely to the intrinsic chirality of their components. Note that in natural biomolecules L-amino acids and D-...
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Can VMD change its cartoon representation for secondary structure according to trajectories?

As Martin pointed out, VMD doesn't update secondary structure content over the course of an MD trajectory. You can easily do this in VMD by using the SSCache script:
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What is the secondary structure distribution per AA in the Human proteome?

The question asks why the distribution of coil, alpha-helix and beta-strand is 60:30:10 rather than 33:33:33. The answer is: “Why not” This is because there is no reason whatever to expect that ...
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How to model missing residues on a protein from multiple PDB files?

I suggest you to use modeller - advance modelling (, Where you can use multiple template PDB to get final model structure. All the best..:)
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