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Are all unicellular eukaryotic organisms protists?

Two other kingdoms contain unicellular organisms. Some fungi, such as yeasts are unicellular. Many algal (Plantae) species are unicellular, including the spectacular Valonia ventricosa, which is up to ...
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Why is tautonymy forbidden in botany?

Short of someone from either one of those committees being on here and seeing the question the answer is "Because we said so". The respective committees are the authorities on the subject ...
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Are bacteria members of Kingdom Monera or a separate domain by themselves?

A domain is a higher level of organization than a kingdom, so they do not necessarily conflict. Please see this lecture for more context. Wikipedia also describes this at some length. There are ...
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What is a fungus formally?

Formal definitions aren't really a thing in Biology or anywhere outside of mathematics. For cladistics, the closest you will get is that species are arranged based on common ancestry. Fungi are a ...
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