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I don't think there is a single "class of graph" that isn't used in biology. In biology (just like in any other natural science), we have all kind of data types; non-ordinal variables boolean ordinal categorical numeric tree data other types of network data pure functions (from statistical or theoretical models) pictures sounds etc.. We make all kind of ...


There are very many details to address in this question. I will try to keep it brief and keep the scope of your question in mind, which is rather narrow. I also think your friend is over-simplifying and misleading you, assuming he is honest about the explanation he gave you. We are talking about sexual reproduction, correct? Firstly, with 3+ parents: it's ...


Yeah, it's hours. Further down in the paper, you can read, The mass exponent was estimated to be −0.33 (b in Eq. (4)) for the specific metabolic rate \begin{equation} V_{O_{2}} (mg\space {O_{2}} \cdot kg^{-1} \cdot h^{-1}) \end{equation} Rate by very definition implies an extent of time; since mg refers to oxygen and kg refers to water, the only ...

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